Large Antechamber


Both gloveboxes are equipped with a large antechamber to bring in items that do not fit the small antechamber. This document describes some general procedures that involve the large antechambers.

Evac/refill modes

There are three evac/refill modes installed on the glovebox. These modes are:

  1. Automatic: The large antechamber of both gloveboxes is equipped with an automatic evac/refill mode, in which the large antechamber is evacuated and refilled three times, in order to remove the air inside the chamber and provide an appropriate nitrogen atmosphere. In between evacuating and refilling, the program checks for pressure changes caused by leaks. This can be the result of a leaking chamber, but also because of a flask inside the chamber that is slowly leaking solvent. In case there is a leak in the system, you will be notified on the display, though the error message will only be available for a very short period of time. Therefore, if you think the automatic evacuation program is finished too quickly, you may want to restart the program.
  2. Manual: The manual program follows the same steps as the automatic program, but this time you have to press the [INS] key to proceed to the next stage of the cycle.
  3. Evac/refill: In case you want to override the automatic or manual program, for example when you want to pump down the chamber for extending periods of time (for example if you want to bring pre-dried tissues into the glovebox), you can choose teh Evac/refill option. In that case, you can consecutively use the [Evacuate antechamber] and [Refill antechamber] buttons to evacuate and refill the chamber.

The default setting for the gloveboxes is set to "Automatic". After you used one of the other modes, please switch back to "Automatic".

Change evac/refill mode

The two gloveboxes are operating slightly different. As a result, there are two different procedures to switch between the different evac/refill modes:


  1. [ENTER] (a menu will appear)
  2. [F6] (choose 'set mode')
  3. [F8] (go to the next page, in this page the current evac/refill mode is shown)
  4. [SHIFT][UP] / [SHIFT][DOWN] (this allows you to change the evac/refill mode)
  5. [ENTER] (select the evac/refill mode)
  6. [F8] (choose 'return')

D'Olle Grieze

  1. [F8] (a menu will appear)
  2. [UP] / [DOWN] (go to the page that lists the current evac/refill mode)
  3. [SHIFT][UP] / [SHIFT][DOWN] (this allows you to change the evac/refill mode)
  4. [ENTER] (select the evac/refill mode)
  5. [ESC] (choose 'return')

Emergency procedure

In case you are running the automatic evac/refill program and you need to abort (a flask inside the chamber starts to leak/explodes, or you want to put additional glassware in), you can switch to the manual mode as listed below. Continue to press [INS] untill you see the message 'refilling antechamber' appearing on the screen. Wait until the chamber is refilled with nitrogen and press [INS] once more to finish the program. Do not open the chamber from the inside of the box, as the atmosphere is NOT under a nitrogen atmosphere!

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