Group Traditions


Like in every social environment, there are a number of long-standing, but also brand new traditions. A few of them are listed below:

First X-ray structure

Although it used to be a tradition to buy cake each time you obtained a crystal structure, this became quite expensive for many of us. Therefore, we now have the tradition that you buy cake the first time you get a crystal structure in the group. Of course, if a structure is really spectacular and ground breaking, or you just need an excuse for cake, you are free to bring some at any time.


Getting a manuscript accepted by a journal and seeing your work online is a happy occasion. Therefore, it is accustomed to bring cake to celebrate. In case you are very productive or when there are a number of papers being accepted in the group at the same time, you can also decide to buy drinks, of course. Most people in the lab are thirsty enough on a Friday afternoon that they wouldn't mind celebrating our successes with your.

Annual events

Each year, together with the Hummelen group, we have a barbecue as well as a soup and stew party. In principle the youngest PhD students from both groups are in charge of the organization of these events, but usually many group members are involved. Especially in case of the soup and stew party. In that case, its organization really is a group effort. More information on these two events can be found at parties-and-events.

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