Ferrocenium tetraphenylborate

Ferrocene (2.99 g; 16.1 mmol) was dissolved in 60 mL of H2SO4 (96%). After 20 minutes, the dark-blue solution was added slowly to 600 mL water while stirring. The dark-blue solution was filtered, and 6.45 g (18.8 mmol) of NaBPh4 in 300 mL of water was added while stirring.The light-blue precipitate was collected and washed with 5 x 50 mL of cooled water, 3 x 30 mL of cooled EtOH, and with 50 mL of cooled Et2O. The compound was dried at reduced pressure overnight, affording 6.58 g (81%) of [Cp2Fe][BPh4].

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