Add A Molan Page


The principle behind a Wiki is that each user can add and modify pages. In case you want to add a new page to the Wiki, please follow these instructions:

  • Type the name of the page you want to make in the text box at the left hand side of the page. After you click on [New Page], you will be redirected to a page with an editor that allows you to type type the information you want to add to the Molecular Inorganic Chemsitry Wiki. The page will not be created untill you press [Save] at the bottom of the screen.
  • Try to maintain the same layout as used in the other pages in the Molecular Inorganic Chemsitry Wiki. Typically [Heading 2] and [Heading 4] is used throughout the documents, as well as normal text. Furthermore you can use bulleted or numbered lists, include images or url's to other pages and attach documents, for example a pdf flie of an operating manual. A WikiDot manual can be found here.
  • Start each page with a short introduction.
  • After creating your page, you can link it to a parent page. The advantage is that by doing so, it will be easier to find the page you just created. To do so: go to the page; click on [+options] at the bottom of the screen; click on [parent]; type the name of the parent page (usually you only have to type part of the name as you can select the page from a list while typing); click [save parent page] to link your page to the parent page.

Code to add:

In case you have attached files to the page, please add the following code to the end of the document. This will result in a list of uploaded files at the bottom of your Wiki page, which makes the files more accessible.

[[module Files]]

When your page has sub-pages, please add the folowing code to the end of the document. This will give a tree of the pages that are linked to this particular Wiki page, which makes the pages more accessible. Where it says "NAME_OF_THIS_PAGE", insert the current page name.

++++ Overview of pages in this category:
[[module PageTree root="NAME_OF_THIS_PAGE" showRoot="false" depth="30"]]


  1. Assigning a parent to the page you created is very important. If you assign a parent, the page will show up on the pages that are listed in the menu. This way, your page can be easily found. If not, someone has to actively search for the information using the correct query in order to find your page.
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